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Dr. Kelly Kohls is an involved freedom activist, an educator and a businesswoman. 

With her extensive background in the fields of health care and education, Dr. Kohls has seen politics and public education change in ways that many citizens do not fully understand. She alerts citizens to those changes and empowers citizens and parents to maintain an active involvement in public and school matters by taking personal responsibility for their own lives and children’s education needs.
As a leader of several Statewide and county organizations, Kohls travels the state of Ohio at her own expense, educating the public on “Why Education Is Failing Our Students and Why Common Core Is Not the Answer.” “Why we need to get more involved in public office candidate selection and mentoring”. She presents not only the problems, but solutions and recommendations, as well.

Dr. Kohls is the current President of the Ohio Republican PAC whose mission is to recruit, select and assist candidates for office that will strictly adhere to the US Constitution. She can be reached at the Ohio Republican PAC . com or the Ohio Republican PAC fb page.

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