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Holding the Party Accountable

John Kasich, in his bid to become Governor, raised funds to get State Central Committee members elected to office. He was able to fill seats with members that were friendly to him and remove the sitting Chairman, Kevin DeWine. John Kasich's people replaced Kevin DeWine with Matt Borges, the one that is currently involved in the HB6 scandal. During Borges' tenure, he started the policy of using party funds, once destined to elect candidates, to elect State and County Central Committee members that were friendly to Kasich. Prior to Borges, this policy was frowned upon and was seldom used.

In 2010, John Kasich's political temperament began to swing wildly from a center-right perspective to a center-left perspective. Teaparty activists and conservatives joined together to target the Ohio Republican State Central Committee and elect more conservatives to the committee to better represent the majority of Ohio Republicans. Kasich's handpicked Chair, Matt Borges declared war on the Tea Party and made certain that Tea Party friendly candidates would not get elected by using party funds to campaign against them.

Since a majority of Ohioans do not know what a County or State political Central Committee does, there was no political outrage. Many do not know what a Central Committee is because the party and political leadership purposefully do not want Ohioans to understand the political process.

Effectively, if there is no education on the importance of political Central Committees in schools and Universities AND party leadership may divert funds from political candidates to elect members favorable to the current leadership; then a political establishment is created that does not reflect the "will of the people" and reflects the will of the "political elites" within the party.

The current Republican party Chair has continued the policy of using party funds to elect candidates. This is by most perspectives an unethical and immoral use of party funds. Timken should be admonished for continuing such policies. Additionally, Chair Timken has removed the ability to contact State Central Committee members from the Republican website and the Ohio Secretary of State has refused to make this information of (currently elected members) easily available so Republicans can contact them.

We believe the policies below are very hard to argue with. That they are common-sensical. That these policies will accountability to registered Republicans rather than just the political elites. Please reach out to State Central Committee members and ask them to restore accountability to registered Republicans. We have an incomplete list of State Central Committee members, if you find better contact information, please share with us so we can update.

County and State Central Committees cannot fund Committee-person Candidate Campaign Races

The will of the people is subverted by the "establishment" using party funds to elect central committee members. The establishment maintains its power in an exceptionally unethical manner when it uses funds destined for candidates in political races to shape its membership. In this way, the establishment can unnaturally develop the party and thereby the policy of the state. We advocate for legislation that would prevent any political party from giving funds or assistance of any type to central committee members campaign for election or re-election.

Binding "None-Of-The-Above" Legislation for Primary Elections

We advocate for passage of legislation that would place the option on all primary ballots for State officeholder races and some county offices and judges - the choice of: "None of the Above." If the "None of the Above" option garners the most votes, it will trigger a special election in 90 days. Those candidates that lost to the "None of the Above" option may not compete in the special election. This system repeats itself as many times as needed until the "None of the Above" option does not win. The people may hold the party accountable in this manner by sending back poor candidates.

The entire concept of American Government is wrapped around the concept of being ruled by the consent of the governed. For us to have true Freedom, we as a people must be able to withhold that consent. Not voting - is not withholding consent - it is allowing others to consent for you.

County and State Central Committee members must make their contact information publicly available or risk losing their seat

County and State Central Committee members represent the will of registered party members in their respective precincts. There are many County and State Central Committee members that are continuously unavailable to their constituents, and the only way constituents have to contact their elected members is through postal mail. We advocate for legislation that County Central Committee members must maintain a publicly available and active email address and phone number to retain their seats.

The State Central Committee Chair cannot be allowed to publicly admonish Republican Candidates they have a disagreement with

When the State Chairman publicly talks negatively about a candidate, they reduce that candidates ability to raise funds and harms their chances of re-election. This behavior is antithetical to the purpose and cause of the party. If a candidate or officeholders actions are so egregious, State Central Committee Members should call a special meeting to discuss the situation and to determine what actions they should take. This power of admonishment by the Chair should be addressed in the form of reprimand, censure, or termination of the Chair.

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