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More Freedom

Better Representation Within Political Parties

Many political party Central Committees do not fill all of their precinct seats. These empty seats leave many party members without representation on the County Central Committee. We advocate for legislation that would allow political party Central Committees to elect up to six at-large members that the County Central Committee could assign empty precinct seats along with that precinct's voting authority. This would give at-large members weighted voting. So, if an at-large member were assigned six empty precinct seats, their vote on County Central Committee would count as six votes. Empty precinct seats would be distributed equally among at-large office holder with odd man out seats being picked by luck of the draw.

Creation of the Ohio Un-American Activities in Education Commission

We advocate for the creation of an Ohio Un-American Activities in Education Commission. 

Education can affect the development of a child's brain. A negative world-view taught at a young age is likely to lead to unhappiness and an adult that is a detriment to society. 

America definitely has its warts, but do we have to use taxpayer dollars to focus on those warts? If parents want their children to learn a negative world-view should taxpayers pay for it? Are there not enough free sources of diverse viewpoint available that parents wanting such an education for their child can provide that without the use of taxpayer dollars? Is the state obligated to teach such diverse viewpoints that could legitimately lead to hatred, subversion, and a child that can never truly adjust to being a civil adult capable of critical thinking? We don't believe the State has an obligation to teach that which is detrimental to society and antithetical to prosperity. 

Every Ohio School should strive that every student:

>is strong and positive in their national and cultural identity
>aspires for themselves and their children to achieve more
>has confidence that they have choice and opportunity to be the best they can be
>is an active participant and citizen in creating a strong civil and peaceful society
>is productive, valued, and competitive in the world market
> has a positive spirit for America and Ohio to lead globally

Schools are educational charities and receive non-profit status due to the work they do. 

A positive education is a tide that raises all ships. When education becomes detrimental to society it is society's duty to no longer support it. 

But, in the name of educational diversity, many educators teach a distorted view of America. We submit to you; there are plenty of places to learn about how bad America is without Ohio taxpayers having to foot the bill. Any college or university or school acting as a non-profit will have their non-profit exemption revoked if their educators are deemed by the commission to teach subject matter detrimental to our society.

Professors do not have the right to have free-speech on campus. They are employees of the State. The State of Ohio has every right to place terms of agreement on their employment. If they want to teach radical and subversive interests they can do that at a private university, school, or in another country.

Better Policing of the Legal Profession by the Supreme Court

We advocate for legislation that requires the Supreme Court of Ohio to be more transparent in its investigations and findings of wrongdoing by legal professionals. The Supreme Court and its various Bar associations no longer have the trust of the public. There are numerous and blatant examples of legal professionals operating outside of the law and exhibiting unethical behavior with little to no punishment.

We advocate for mandatory enhanced punishments for legal professionals who have broken the public's trust and operated outside the law and ethics bounds.

"Got Your Back" Police Reform

We will oppose the elimination of qualified immunity for police. Law enforcement has a dangerous job to do and make little money compared to their risk. We do not want to set a precedent where our law enforcement is spending more time in court than enforcing it. We do support legislation that allows a definition of corrupt law enforcement personnel, and we support legislation that helps corrupt personnel to be removed as quickly as possible. We must back the blue, but we also must take the attitude of "trust but verify" with our law enforcement professionals.

Community Emergency Response Teams

We believe that all Ohioans want to live in safe communities. We believe that there are special Ohioans that will volunteer to help in a crisis. Many of these volunteers need the training to be effective in helping their community. CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) training is for Riot Control, Disaster Response, and Basic Medical and Lifesaving training. The State of Ohio would purchase life-saving equipment and less-than-lethal riot-control equipment to be housed a facility specified by the local county sheriff. The respective county sheriff would only activate CERT teams in response to a natural or human-made disaster or to answer potentially violent protests. Each trained and accredited CERT is granted qualified immunity when activated and acting as law enforcement agents.

Because CERTS live in the community, they can respond much faster than the national guard. A CERT presence can act as a deterrent and help to deter violence.

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