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The actions by the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) leadership are intolerable. There is a deep disconnect between the will of leadership (staff) and that of the Republican State Central Committee (SCC).

Back in late February and early March of 2021, the ORP staff had put up images and advertisements that overtly supported the re-election of Governor DeWine. Yet, the SCC had not endorsed Mike DeWine. The Committee for a Better Ohio made SCC members aware of this the image and advertisements, there was an outcry by SCC members, and the advertisement and images were taken down. 

Some one on the staff that made that decision should have been fired or reprimanded - but no one was. This hurt the credibility of the party and calls into question their ability to provide a level playing field for candidates to compete. This type of behavior affects our "freedom to choose" by the ORP staff putting their thumb on the scales for a selected candidate - candidates that have not even been selected by the SCC.

Now, we discover that the drive to support and endorse DeWine by the ORP staff continue unabated. The ORP has, without being authorized by the SCC, disbursed in excess of $1 million to statewide candidates that have not been endorsed. This is in violation of anyones reasonable interpretation of the ORP bylaws.

Here is a primer of what has happened, why it is bad, and why, as a Republican you should be very mad! Below are documents that you can use to send to your local County Central Committee to pressure the SCC members to standup and do the right thing!
Once you click the "Download full Document" button any of these documents can be downloaded. You can click on "File" and then "Download" in the menu bar and then select the file type you would like to download. We encourage you to make these documents your own and to use the language you are most comfortable with. Please know that some of these documents need to be notarized and need to be customized from your point of view. These documents are intended to be used as a template. Let your County Central Committee members and State Central Committee leaders know that the ORP staff works for them and not the other way around. Help bring fairness and ethical conduct back to the ORP.

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