Please consider consider adding yourself to a list so when we go door to door or will be in your area we can let you know.
It is a benefit to a local businesses to be a petition signing location. It's not hard to train your staff to take signatures and you get the benefit of extra traffic coming into your store.
Please consider becoming a petition circulator
Please consider becoming a County Coordinator for petition signers

Petition Training Video and Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my packets with another petitioner?

No, Petition packets cannot be shared. The law states you must witness who signs the petition. To sign your name to what someone else witnesses is against the law.

Can I collect signatures at work? At a bar or restaurant?

Yes, you can. If you are being paid while you are collecting signatures you must fill out the name of your company on the circulators statement form

Can I make packets shorter or longer by taking out signature pages or adding more pages?

No, even if you only get 1 signature from one county you still need all the blank pages of the packet.

Can another person assist me in collecting signatures?

Yes, as long as you witness the petitionee signing the petition. Having people help to bring people to a table while you observe the signing is legal.

Do packets have to be stapled? Can they be paper clipped?

Packets have to be stapled. They cannot be paper clipped together
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