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Expanding the Right of Self-Defense

Constitutional Carry

We advocate for Constitutional Carry and do not believe that you need a license from the state to carry a firearm. Property owners still have the freedom to ban guns on their property under Constitutional Carry.

Stand - Your- Ground

We believe in a robust Stand-Your-Ground law. Ohioans should have no duty to retreat in the face of illegal activity. Ohioans should be encouraged - not discouraged for standing up for the rule of law. This is not an advocation for vigilantism. Rather, this is a recognition that a well armed citizenry has the ability to be a tremendous deterrence to crime. The lower crime is in our communities the more attractive they are to businesses and the more likely they are to flourish and prosper.

Many advocates in the inner-city rebuff this call to arms, maintaining that it is a license for racists to come to the inner-city to kill their youth. Yet, if you are poor and live in the inner-city you already have a much higher probability of being killed by current illegal activity.

Encouraging the legal possession of firearms in inner-cities is a deterrence to crime. While it is possible that there may be more short term deaths (though this is highly unlikely), long-term there will be many fewer deaths and the streets will be cleaner and safer.

War on Opioids Reform

We advocate for a 1,200% tax on the street value of all illegal drugs. This tax makes it easier and quicker to confiscate the assets of illicit drug users and drug dealers. When arrested with illegal drugs or illegal drugs are found in your possession, and you cannot prove that you have paid tax on those drugs, you are responsible for paying the tax. We advocate for first-time, second-, and third-time programs where the tax is forgiven if the offender goes through rehabilitative substance abuse counseling and that the offender cooperates with law enforcement to identify their supplier if their cooperation leads to an arrest and conviction of their supplier their record will automatically be expunged.

We advocate for Ohio to working with business and insurance companies to place bounties on illegal drug dealers.

We advocate for enhanced sentencing for illegal drug dealers trafficking methamphetamines, heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanyl.

We advocated for enhanced sentencing for nurse practitioners, medical doctors, and dentists who have been prescribing opioids irresponsibly.

We advocate for the repeal of laws that make it difficult for doctors and patients who do not abuse opioids to access them.

War on Human-Trafficking

We advocate for a minimum tax per human on human-trafficking. This tax would be equal to 2,500 times Ohio's minimum hourly wage rate. If you are arrested on human-trafficking charges and cannot prove that you have paid this tax, you will be responsible for paying this tax. This tax makes it much easier to confiscate the assets of human-traffickers.

We advocate for Ohio to working with business and insurance companies to place bounties on Human Traffickers.

War on Gang Activity

We advocate for enhanced sentencing and enhanced penalties for gang-related crime. We believe Ohio needs to send a stronger message of deterrence to gang members.

We advocate for Ohio to working with business and insurance companies to place bounties on gang members.

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