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Even though Ohio passed a Right-To-Try (RTT) law a few years back, lobbying groups from big pharmaceutical corporations gutted the bill. The current law provides very little in the way of Right-To-Try. Many elderly Ohioans wanting to use Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) prophylactically (as a preventative) for COVID-19 found this out the hard way.

Being elderly and being afflicted with COVID-19 can be a death sentence. At the same time, there is no double-blind test of the success of the prophylactic administration of HCQ. There is increasing anecdotal evidence that this drug and Budesonide work well as a preventative to treat COVID-19. There have been no substantive peer-reviewed double-blind studies to rule out these very safe drugs as a preventative. These drugs, used safely for years, have been approved by the FDA to treat a whole range of conditions.

Until these drugs have been ruled to provide no measure of safety for the PREVENTION of COVID-19 through a double-blind study, shouldn't Ohioans at the most considerable risk have the Right-To-Try them?
Ohio right-to-try law
In a downright disgusting immoral and unethical move, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy moved to outlaw the treatment of COVID-19 by medical doctors who have successfully saved patients with HCQ. This move came in response to a video of some frontline doctors using a combination of these drugs to treat patients successfully.

The move was hyper-partisan, purely political, was without scientific merit, and set a dangerous precedent. While the Ohio Board of Pharmacy has temporarily put this decision on hold due to the outrage and political fallout, many Ohioans are calling for the Board of Pharmacy's head on a platter.
The ultimate matters of the life and death of Ohioans do not belong in the hands of political hacktivists or bureaucrats. That power more rightly should exist between a patient and their doctor.

Ohio's RTT law focuses on what is deemed to be only "terminal conditions." This newly proposed amendment greatly expands RTT in Ohio to include persistent pain, disfigurement, substance abuse, and contagions (like COVID-19.)

If made into a law, this bill would take away the power of life and death from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, the State Medical Board of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Governor.

Please consider asking your state legislators to make this proposed legislation law.

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