You will eventually need to prove in a court of law your mental anguish, suffering, and mental injury through documentation and with mental health professionals to receive compensation. You will not need to prove your mental injury here. This form is for those that were not simply inconvenienced by Ohio's emergency public health orders. This form is for:

  1. Those individuals that were diagnosed with anxiety or depression as a result of Ohio's emergency public health orders.
  2. Those individuals that were prevented from wearing a mask due to a currently diagnosed mental or medical condition and that public scrutiny and persecution of the maskless caused a mental condition to worsen or created a new mental condition. 
  3. Those individual experiencing mental anguish of being refused access to their loved ones on their deathbed.
  4. Those parents of special needs children that cannot comprehend the mask and social distancing requirement of  Ohio's emergency public health orders and were then diagnosed with anxiety or depression.