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Cost-Cutting Measures

Ohio has grown out of control since the Celeste administration. A majority of the Growth has occurred under Republican Governors and with Republican legislatures. There is a mismatch between what the Ohio Republican party represents and what it actually does. This is by no means a comprehensive list to rein in Ohio's spending, but it is a start.

Prison Reform - Voluntary Work to an Early Release

We advocate for all non-violent offenders periods of incarceration be reduced by 30% if they voluntarily participate in a "work towards release" program. Non-violent prisoners that work and complete their work-towards-release programs will have their records expunged upon release.

We advocate for all violent offenders, a voluntary "work towards benefits program." A work towards benefits program would allow a prisoner more amenities (better bed, better food, a television in the cell) while incarcerated.

We advocate for setting a maximum wage for the incarcerated to half of Ohio's minimum wage. Prisoners would be required to bank 80% of earnings, and those earnings would be available to them upon release. A prisoner incarcerated for five years earning a maximum wage, working a 40 hour week, could be released with as much as $30,000. These earnings would make it much less likely for them to re-offend as they would have the resources to pay for their shelter and transportation upon exiting prison. These circumstances would make it much more suitable for these individuals to find a job.

Work release programs help to radically reduce the cost of incarceration to the Ohio taxpayer. These programs are always voluntary and should not be construed as indentured servitude or a form of slavery.

Probation Reform

We advocate for the elimination of probation. If a person is not rehabilitated or "reformed", they should not be released. We should re-examine all sentencing guidelines. We are in favor of the sentiment "that if you have done the crime, you do the time." If a judge wants to give a more lenient sentence, they can opt for community service sentencing and expungement of their crime afterward. There are many alternative options to probation that judges have at their disposal. Probation in Ohio is an excessive cost for a poorly performing system.

K-12 Education Funding Reform

We advocate for the elimination of income tax and property tax. So, where are the funds going to come from to pay for education?

We advocate for:
>The taxation of property and casualty insurance premiums to be devoted to education.
>The entrance fee from "Free-Market" casinos will benefit education.
>The sin tax on free-pornography will be devoted to education.
>Other sources of revenue will come from Ohio's general fund.

We advocate for the creation of Educational Port Authority Districts. These authorities can build community schools. All Educational Port Authorities would be constitutionally limited to imposing a maximum 1% payroll tax in a given district. These funds cannot be used to pay teachers and can only be used to pay for the construction and maintenance of buildings and assets used by the school.

School Vouchers

The State of Ohio will quit funding schools and the State will fund students. Students will receive performance vouchers. The Ohio Board of Education will set minimal education standards that need to be met through mandatory testing that students will have to take for schools to receive funding.
>Students with an A average will reimburse their school to 100% of the voucher.
>Students with a B average will reimburse their school to 80% of the voucher.
>Students with a C average will reimburse their school to 70% of the voucher.
>Students with a D average will reimburse their school to 50% of the voucher.
>Students with an F will reimburse their school to 0% of the voucher.

Private schools, home schools, religious schools, and all public schools can compete for student performance vouchers.

Yes, that means parents that home-school their children can get performance vouchers.

Performance vouchers would not apply to students that are developmentally disabled.

Public school systems will not be required to take problematic students. The responsibility for education rests with the parent, not with the public school system. This change in dynamic makes it easier for public school systems to expel problematic students that harm other students' education.

We do not advocate for inclusivity for learning disabled students. We strongly support for special learning disabled programs and schools.

University and College Reform

Why aren't the State of Ohio colleges and universities self-sufficient? We are for keeping three Universities and a few satellite trade schools and community colleges. The rest should be privatized. Ohio tax dollars should not fuel the tremendously inflated wages of college professors.

Bureau of Workmen's Compensation Reform

We support the OBWC paying for all medical expenses when hurt on the job. We feel this does not need to change. We feel there is a large problem with doctors who have a financial incentive to keep people off work longer than required. Ohio Bureau of Workmen's Compensation costs are exorbitantly high for Ohio employers, which hurts Ohio in attracting new business. We advocate privatizing the first 45 days of employment compensation benefits (NOT HEALTHCARE COST). All employers will be required to provide employment compensation through private insurance companies after the first ten days of lost work. Individuals can opt-out of a company plan if they have a private-plan. Additionally, OBWC employment compensation benefits for those earning more than four times Ohio's minimum hourly wage would start at 67% of gross pay for the first 90 days, then reduced to 50% for the next 90 days, and then reduced to 35% after that.

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